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Stop The Bleed

According to the American College of Surgeons, uncontrolled hemorrhage is the number cause of preventable death in traumatic injuries. Depending on the vessel damaged, a person can literally bleed to death in a matter of minutes. The Stop The Bleed program was developed to minimize these unfortunate outcomes by empowering citizens to do what they can for the injured until help arrives. Enter Freestanding Communities. We have decided to further the efforts by delivering the program at zero cost to the participant. The 60-90 minute program introduces the concepts of scene and personal safety, alerting emergency services, identifying life-threatening bleeding, and applying compression to the wounds. Participants learn how to utilize compression as the preferred method of treatment using emergency trauma dressings, wound packing, and the application of tourniquets. In addition to receiving a Stop The Bleed Course completion certificate, participants will also receive a basic trauma kit that can be stored in their bags, ready for use if needed. We are excited to have delivered this program to health sciences majors at a local college in New Orleans. If you would like to attend a Stop The Bleed Course, please click the photo to register.

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