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The Community Health Advocate: A Path for Pre-Medical and Healthcare Professionals

In some professions, perspective candidates may experience a psychological occurrence, which is known as imposter syndrome and in healthcare this is no different. We dare to say everyone in healthcare has probably spent a period or two swirling around in this mental realm of self-doubt and wondering if they measure up. It should provide some relief to know we/you are not the first to experience these feelings and will not be the last. We have recently had a discussion with one of our newly joined Community Health Advocates and were able to help them through these feelings by identifying some root causes and putting some things into perspective. Here is a summary of the discussion, which they identified as helpful. Maybe you will find it helpful as well.

We are all still learning. Just like everything else in our lives, becoming a healthcare professional is a learning process that will take an entire lifetime to completely understand. Healthcare continues to evolve every day, as it should, and we must continue to evolve with it. We are one profession that is dedicated to finding better ways to prevent and treat illnesses and disease, to provide for better qualities of life. Commit to the effort, give yourself some time to learn and grow, and most of all enjoy the journey.

Capitalize on the opportunities. Our Community Health Outreach Programs provide a safe space for you to Learn, Apply, Teach and Empower members of the community. As it turns out, this L.A.T.E. approach has the exact same effect on our Community Health Advocates. The more they learn and apply, the more they understand the principles being taught. In addition, the more they teach members of the community, the more empowered they feel because it serves as an indication that they really understand the information and can witness the fruits of their efforts as the members of the community become healthier.

Remember, you are not alone. The Community Health Advocates at Freestanding Communities have been in your shoes and want you to succeed. We are all here to encourage each other and more than happy to share pertinent information to assist each other in our journeys. Furthermore, our licensed advocates provide continuous mentoring, training, and guidance. This never stops. They understand that our goals are the increase the health literacy within the community and link them to primary care. They understand that you as a Freestanding Community Community Health Advocate is the driving force behind that.

If you would like to make a difference in your community through health literacy improvement or emergency preparedness, we would love to have you join us. Please click the picture to get started. #neighboring

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